Conferencia sobre Misión y Evangelización

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Rev. Samuel Kobia, WCC General Secretary

Rev. Dr Michael Kinnamon (USA), Disciples of Christ

Evening prayer


Rev. Dr Robert Schreiter, Roman Catholic Church

Final plenary

Gracia Violeta Ross Quiroga, an evangelical activist for people living with HIV/AIDS in Bolivia Erika Schuchardt, a German member of parliament and expert on counselling

Morning prayer

Morning prayer

Rev. Dr Klaus Schäfer, Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany

At the conference, morning worship in a pentacostal tradition

Brian Farrell, Roman Catholic bishop, member of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Vatican City

Viola Raheb, Lutheran theologian and Christian educator from Palestine

Janet Plenert, Executive Director of International Ministries

Plenary session

Morning prayers

Mr Samuel Kabue from Kenya sharing how the WCC's Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN) that he coordinates views the 'healing' or 'reconciling' character of the local community.

Women in discussion at the CWME conference

Morning prayers - Blessing of the bread

Bishop Ioannis of Thermopylae, Athens Local Arrangements Committee and Rev. Ruth A. Bottoms, Moderator of the conference

The archbishop of Athens and All Greece, His Beatitude Christodoulos

Rev. Samuel Kobia, WCC General Secretary


Receiving the cross

Receiving the cross

Stewards help to set up conference

Rev. Ruth A. Bottoms, Baptist Union of Great Britain speaking to the WCC Central Committee

Uganda April 2004: Baker Sekiziyrvu (left) was 13 years old when his parents died of AIDS four years ago; he has since had to care for his younger sisters and brothers. © WCC/Peter Williams

Puleng Lenka Bula from South Africa (left), Anastasia Vassiliadou (Greece) and Bard Knappstaad (Norway) at the Young Missiologists Consultation in Rome

World mission conference in Edinburgh (1910)