Conference on World Mission and Evangelism


Michael Kinnamon welcomes, reflects on, expanded participation in mission conference

19 May - "An ecumenical movement that doesn't involve conversations between people who disagree would not be an ecumenical movement," says Michael Kinnamon in the following interview given at the 9-16 May 2005 Conference on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME).
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Mission meeting ends in footsteps of Paul

Banners recalling former mission conferences were carried in processions marking the opening and closing of Athens2005

15 May - On Sunday, Christians from more than 100 nations, representing churches in every geographic region and most of the historic traditions of Christianity, closed their conference on world mission and evangelism in a "sending service" in central Athens, on the site of Saint Paul's sermon to the Athenians.
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"Sending service" on the Areopagus claims unity in diversity

"Paul was right here at the Areopagus"

15 May - Following in the footsteps of Saint Paul, World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Samuel Kobia proclaimed Christian unity in "a fellowship that exceeds our capacity to define it".

Common prayer and reflection in an historic setting in downtown Athens provided a climax to the spiritual life of the 13th Conference on World Mission and Evangelism.
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