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Vorbereitende Veranstaltungen




From 1.01.2003 to 01.12.2005


  • Regional and national preparatory meetings and processes.
  • Publications of resource material, thematic publications, Bible studies.
  • Women and Mission process.
  • Ecumenical Disability Advocacy Network (EDAN).
  • Greek vistor's programme
  • WCC staff process.


From 1.12.2003 to 01.05.2005

Roman Catholic preparatory process

  • Vatican delegation, Geneva, December 2003
  • Roman Catholic meeting, Rome, March 2004
  • SEDOS meeting "Strategies of reconciliation in areas of conflict", Rome, May 2004
  • USG meeting, Rome, November 2004
  • Roman Catholic Pre-Conference, May 2005

From 25.03. to 01.04.2004

Mission in the 21st century (conference)

Organisée et planifiée par le Directeur de l' Institut théologique de l'Eglise unie de Zambie, Kitwe, République de Zambie et son comité d'organisation, c'était une conférence africaine et intercontinentale sur "les nouveaux modèles et stratégies dans un monde caractérisé par la diversité." La conférence était co-sponsorisée par plusieurs églises partenaires et organisations en relation avec l'Eglise unie de Zambie et/ou son Institut théologique.

La conférence avait pour thème:"Mission comme Evangélisation par opposition à Mission comme Développement". Les intervenants et les participants venaient de plusieurs continents et de différentes dénominations


From 1. to 07.05.2004

WCC-URM consultation: Discerning God's mission in our own place and time

For the World Council of Churches (WCC)-based secretariat of the world-wide Urban Rural Mission (URM) movement, a consultation needs to be "people-driven". Allowing delegates the time and space to tell their own stories contributes to that goal and plays a vital role in answering the real needs of the poor.

Download a paper presented by Guillermo Kerber


From 17. to 23.08.2004

Mission and Youth in the Context of Globalization

Speaking at the Harare Assembly on the Gospel and Cultures study, Moderator Aram I remarked: “ We have been powerfully reminded that the forces of racism, social, economic and political marginalization and the destructive repercussions of globalization need to be countered with the churches’ resolute witness to the liberating news of God’s inclusive and reconciling love for all people and the whole of creation. I believe that globalization, contextualization and pluralism with all their implications on mission and evangelism must continue to be seriously studied in the coming years."”(Together on the Way. Diane Kessler, WCC, p. 50).

It is important to understand how churches carry on their mission in the context of globalization. Mostly adults play central role in mission. But resisting the onslaught of globalization, in some parts of the world, it is the young people who are in the forefront of doing mission in non-traditional, innovative ways. It is important to listen to and identify specific mission perspectives and mission initiatives of young people and their communities. How are these young people engaged in mission in a globalized world?

This seminar seeks to gather twenty-five participants, mostly youth, for them to share with each other their mission experiences, perspectives and initiatives. It is also meant to explore issues of spirituality, theology and ethics as they connect to the role of young people as they bear witness in the age of globalization. Results of this Youth Seminar will be a crucial contribution to their respective regions as well as a valuable input to the May 9-16, 2005 World Mission Conference to be held in Athens , Greece.

The seminar aims to study and analyze the cultural aspects of globalization and to reflect together how these affect the young people of different cultures today. Explore its impact /implications on mission today. Imperialist globalization, one of the main themes in the recent World Social Forum in Mumbai, India, destroys and excludes communities. Specifically, how does the cultural aspect of globalization affect the young people and what resources are needed to respond to the challenges of globalization in their contexts?


From 19. to 25.01.2005

Young Missiologists Consultation

Following recommendations of WCC Central Committee, a Young Missiologists Consultation (YMC) was held prior to the CWME Conference in Athens.

Theme: "Come Holy Spirit, Heal and Reconcile!"

Primary Objectives:
Offer opportunity to young theologians interested in mission to:
share their reflections on pneumatology, in particular on the way a renewed emphasis on the Holy Spirit can shape mission theory and practice
work on the theme of the Conference and on the preparatory material published so far
raise other issues of importance to be brought to the Conference
collect materials to be published as part of the preparatory process, either in the International Review of Mission or in the series of the Conference Preparatory Papers.

Additional Objectives:
Identify a network of young missiologists working in the area of healing and reconciliation.
Identify resource persons for the CWME Youth Pre-Conference and Stewards Programme.


From 3. to 09.03.2005

Orthodox pre-conference consultation