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On this page, you will find short reflections and/or questions related to the conference theme, and to four thematic "signposts" pointing to ways of engaging in study and dialogue on mission as reconciliation and healing today.

For each of the themes and issues listed below, there are references in the "resources" section of this webpage. Please go there for more information.

Conference theme:

"Come, Holy Spirit, heal and reconcile"

The theme or title of the conference reminds us that mission does not belong to us, but is the mission of God, who is present and active as Holy Spirit in church and world. In Jesus Christ, God has laid the basis for full reconciliation and healing.

So, we believe and hope that it is possible to repair broken relationships between God and human beings, between people, between churches, between nations, between humanity and creation.

We believe and hope to see signs of health, balance, and wholeness of life for individuals, communities, humanity and creation.

We call on God the Spirit to heal, reconcile and empower us so that, as individuals and communities, we may become and share signs of peace, forgiveness, justice and unity, and renounce hatred, violence, injustice and divisions.

"Called in Christ to be reconciling and healing communities"

Called to receive reconciliation with God in Christ, it is our mission to form healing communities in celebration, witness, mutual love, forgiveness and respect.

We are called to create and multiply such safe spaces, hospitable to those who are stigmatized, lost, searching for meaning or community, and to journey with victims of violence and sin towards reconciliation and justice.


What the above principles might mean in practice is developed in the "signposts" below. We hope that the following ideas, challenges and questions will liberate your imagination and creativity, and encourage you to share your experiences and ideas about Christian witness, church and world, spirituality and involvement, suffering and hope with us.



The following signposts on our missionary journey point to the contemporary challenges and issues at stake in the debate on mission as healing and reconciliation today.

1. Concerns of identity in multi-faceted and changing contexts
Mission and cultural identities
Mission and religious identities
2. Healing and reconciling ministries in a violent world
Healing ministry in general
Mission in times of HIV/AIDS
Reconciling ministry in a violent world
3. Seeking alternative communities in a globalized world
4. Being a missional and evangelizing church