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Session Tuesday, 10 May, 14h30-16h00




Activity - What? Methodologies?


E. Antony Allen

The healing congregation - a Whole Person Caribbean model

The sharing of the congregational paradigm based in this model as experienced in a number of Jamaican churches will demonstrate in practice our understanding of mission and evangelism as healing and reconciliation.

Verbal presentation. PPt presentation for illustrations and discussion.


Dr. Christoffer Grundmann

Dr. Kirsteen Kim

Dr. Wonsuk Ma

Come, Holy Spirit … The Holy Spirit and mission theology today

Both plenary speakers on the theme of the conference will enlarge and deepen their argumentation by a dialogue among each other.


Jutta Beldermann

Dietrich Werner

Beate Jakob.

Earthing liturgy for life

Workshop of the common European network of CEVAA, CWM and UEM on healing liturgies as integral part of Christian healing ministries in Britain and Germany. Introduction to a training programme for ecumenical spirituality.


Rev. Darrell Jackson

From strangers to friends: the churches in Europe in their encounter with the global south

Focusing on the CEC's programme on "Researching European Mission and Evangelism", exploring on how the traditional churches of Europe might more adequately respond to the presence of migrants and refugees.

PPt presentation - case study - group discussion.


Bishop Seraphim Storheim

Being Christian in counselling

A panel on Counselling skills for Christians.


Dr. Tito Paredes

Rev. Héctor Petrecca

The same mission? Conversion and reconciliation/healing

Panel or series of short introductions



Open space



Open space



Open space


Garland Pierce

Mission and youth in the age of globalisation

Inputs from the youth seminar at Bossey Ecumenical Institute (August 2004). Discussion of the statement "Called to be healers and peacemakers now!"


Dr. Petros Vassiliadis

The Orthodox Church and the world mission

Promoting reconciliation mission in the Orthodox and Christian world.

A case study of reconciling Orthodoxy and WCC.


Rev. Cao Shengjie

Ms. Chen Meilin

Common witness in China

The mission of Protestant Church in China, focusing on: understanding the experience of Mission, evangelism, church unity and reconciliation in China.

3 speakers will make a short presentation and general discussion.


Dr. Krishnasamy Rajendran

Rev. Subrata Fullonton

Working together in mission - churches and agencies

The role of churches and mission organizations in fulfilling the great commission of Christ.

Speaking, discussion and power point.


Dr. Des van der Water

New ways of being church today

Video presentation from CWM, sharing of a summary document, story telling and discussion.


Dr. Reena Mathews

Counselling in situations of terminal illness

This workshop is an introduction to the physical, emotional and spiritual pain the dying face, and to ways of listening and reflecting so that we can be sojourners who are open to the possibility of transcendence and an encounter with God.



Open space



Open space



Open space


Rev. Hilda Lind

Dr. Hae-Yong You

Meditating and praying as spiritual guidance

A workshop on spiritual guidance, using meditation and contemplative prayer with the "Pearls of Life" (string with 18 beads).

Includes a presentation on the book on the "Wreath of Life", from Verbum, Sweden.


Rev. Colville Crowe

Ms. Seongja Crowe

Healing cultural conflicts within multicultural church

The synaxis will try to analyse the present situation of the multicultural churches, in terms of their experience of cultural conflicts between culturally different people. It will seek ways for all culturally different groups - indigenous, immigrants and mainstream member churches - to build and share in their common life of peace and harmony, justice, acceptance and co-operation under the guidance of the healing and reconciling Holy Spirit.

Presentations and discussion.


Session Wednesday, 11 May, 14h30-16h00




Activity - What? Methodologies?


Rev. Sam Kabue

Rev. Arne Fritzson

Rev. Dr. Abraham A. Berinyuu

The Church of all and for all

Workshop on the Ecumenical Disability Advocacy Network's (EDAN) theological paper with members of the network. Positive case studies where disabled have received hospitality in a way they can accept it.


Rev. Raafat Girgis

Healing the nations: diversity as a key for reconciliation, renewal and growth.

This Synaxis explores the unified model of multicultural church as described in Acts 2 as an innovative model for mission and evangelism in the 21st century.

PPt presentation (video clips) and discussion.


Rev. Japé Heath

GraciaVioleta Ross Quiroga

Living with HIV/AIDS within the church

The involvement of HIV positive people in the church is a missiological challenge. People with HIV/AIDS are experiencing stigma and discrimination in the church and in the wider society. Synaxes addresses the strong need to reconcile and heal people with HIV inside the church.


Fr. Milan Zust

"Called in Christ" - represented on the mosaics in the chapel Redemptoris Mater in the Vatican.

PPt presentation, Christian art interpretation and discussion.


Rev. Dr. Klaus Schäfer

Dr. Christine Lienemann

Dr. Hermen Shastri

Dr.V-Matti Kärkkäinen

Religious plurality and Christian self-understanding

What impact does a mission focus on "healing and reconciling communities" for addressing the question of religious plurality?

This synaxis is based on the Conference's Preparatory Paper # 13

Introduction to the study process, presentation of the main theses of paper # 13, responses from different perspectives, general discussion, conclusions and follow-up.


Dr. Tormod Engelsviken

Rev. Darell Jackon

The missional church as a healing and reconciling community

Dialogue bringing different perspectives from Europe, focusing on how theology, spirituality, practice and structures of the churches may promote reconciliation with God and among people, and further health and healing.


Katja Heidemanns

Women's ministry of healing and reconciling mission

Sharing contextual stories on how women are doing contemporary missiology and mission practices.

Inputs, story telling, meeting in small groups, discussion and healing rituals.


Rev. Dr. Klaus Peter Voss

Dr. Dietrich Werner

Bishop Noack

"Doing Mission together - a dialogue process on Church unity and Mission in Germany".

The aim is to share ecumenical experiences and challenges in Germany with other regions, to identify aspects and dimensions of reconciliation among churches on their way to a common mission practise.

Overhead projector, handouts and discussion.


Rev. Ruth Bottoms

Pilsdon - a community of healing - case study of an alternative community in England

Relates to themes of alternative communities in face of globalization, to being church in a creative way, seeking a wholeness and integration of life and safe space for healing to occur.

The aim of the synaxis is to inspire people to think about alternative communities as spaces of healing in their own context from sharing insights from Pilsdon.

Plenary discussion, question and answer, group work, and final summary and reflection.



Open space


Samuel Rizk

Mission from the perspectives of people in struggle

The challenge of healing and reconciliation is most real to people who continue to suffer the injustices of society in different ways. Their perspectives are therefore critical in a holistic understanding and practice of mission as reconciliation and healing of persons and communities.

PPt presentation on the perspectives of the marginalized, story telling, group reflections and wrap up.


Rev. Richard Chung-Sik Choe

Multicultural ministries - ministries of healing and reconciliation

The aim of the synaxis is to provide a setting that will start a conversation on multicultural ministry of healing and reconciliation in a world that is becoming culturally diverse.

PPt presentation, panel of three, discussion and sharing the hoped outcomes.


Rev. Sybout van der Meer

Ms. Maria Koutatzi

Turning hope into homes

Workshop on reconciling the social injustices surrounding poverty housing (Habitat for Humanity).

PPt presentation and discussion.


Hans Ulrich Gerber

Dr. Fernando Enns

Churches seeking Reconciliation and Peace

A brief overview of the Decade to Overcome Violence at the mid-term. The video addresses one of the four themes of the DOV: Religious Identity and Plurality. We will ask how to "relinquish any theological justification of violence" in the context of today's work in mission and reconciliation.

Digital presentation, theological input, video "Religion, Power and Violence", discussion.


Ms. Idan Topno

Jesudas Mathew Athyal

Indigenous People's resources in reconciliation among communities

Many indigenous communities have excellent resources in matters of conflict resolution, tested over Millennia, provided a peaceful framework. The arrival of Christianity has added a new dimension to this facet. Bringing examples from Guatemala and India, the session will provide opportunity for sharing and group work.


Nance Upham

A Christian approach to HIV prevention

There seems to be a flaw in the approaches to prevention of the HIV and AIDS epidemic, as it continues to grow. What could be wrong with the approach? A number of questions may be raised: what of there was a thoughtful look at what an ecumenical Christian approach to HIV/AIDS might be? We will evoke the missiological perspective, to empower community responses to HIV/AIDS.


Dr. Peter Penner

Rev. Simon Oxley

Theological education as mission - mission in theological education

Exploring whether contemporary theological education is properly focused on the real needs of local churches and mission agencies.


Ms. Jet den Hollander

"A journey to Argavia"

The Synaxis brings to life the reality of divided churches in a particular context. Identifies the different factors and how this impacts the witness of the churches. It then stimulates participants to reflect missiologically and to find concrete ways of engaging in common mission.

Roleplay on mission and discussion.


Rev. Hilda Lind

Dr. Hae-Yong You

Meditating and praying as spiritual guidance (2/2)

A workshop on spiritual guidance, using meditation and contemplative prayer with the "Pearls of Life" (string with 18 beads).

Includes a presentation on the book on the "Wreath of Life", from Verbum, Sweden.



Open space

Session Thursday, 12 May, 14h30-16h00




Activity - What? Methodologies?


Rev Stanley McKay

Rev Barbara Andrews

Dr. Eleanor Johnson

The Canadian churches and the First Nations People

The colonial experience of the First Peoples of Canada has been tragic, by invading land, displacing the original inhabitants and destroying their cultures and languages, with the churches' blessing. The synaxis will focus on the long-term goal of reconciliation and building right relationships.

Short video presentations, reactions and discussions.


Hans Ulrich Gerber

Dr. Fernando Enns

Churches seeking Reconciliation and Peace (36/2)

A brief overview of the Decade to Overcome Violence at the mid-term. The video addresses one of the four themes of the DOV: Religious Identity and Plurality. We will ask how to "relinquish any theological justification of violence" in the context of today's work in mission and reconciliation.

Digital presentation, theological input, video "Religion, Power and Violence", discussion.


Harriet Hill

Jean-Pierre Popaud, Wycliffe Bible Society

The Church's healing ministry in the midst of war and conflict

Trauma healing synaxis: Healing and reconciliation in war torn countries, through courses to help Church leaders first come to terms with trauma in their own lives and then help their church members. Scripture use.

PPt presentation, small group, debrief, discussion.


Fr. Sean Dwan

Cultural symbols in situations of violence

To enable people to become informed agents of reconciliation

Video - photocopy handouts - group discussions


Dr. Kelly O'Donnell

Caring for Caregivers: resources for mission and aid personnel

Overview of challenges and tools needed for Christian relief and development workers.

Presentation and open exchange.


Dr. Samuel Mwenda

Equity and access in the healing ministry: the challenge to the mission of the churches

Focus on networks such as the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network and Christian Health Associations. How do these networks challenge the mission of the church today? How do they realize the Mission of the Church to provide care in challenging situations?


Dr. Guillermo Kerber

Pursuing truth and justice after violent conflict - a missiological challenge

The synaxis looks at how the work of the churches in reconciliation efforts affects missiological presuppositions.

Testimonies, story telling and discussion.



Open space



Open space


Dr. Tony Kireopoulos

Empire and evangelism: issues at the intersection of mission and conflict

This synaxis will address the need for reconciliation in situations of extremism, messianism, violence, political ideology, foreign policy and proselytism, sensitivities to interfaith concerns, as well as exploitation in times of humanitarian crisis.

Informal conversations and discussions.


Bethany Graves Borak

Méndelson Dávila

Central America and the United States: A mission programme on reconciliation

Presentation on a one-year long exchange programme between churches in the Region. Offering a model for churches to deal with political domination issues.


Diac. Linda Koroma

Peter Williams

Roots of Violence

WCC film "roots of violence" (Sierra Leone)

Contribution/intro by Linda Koroma and/or the other delegates from Sierra Leone and discussion.


Dr. Anne Marie Dupré

Migrant churches - mission and violence

On the issue of migrant churches in Europe.


Sr. Ana Guarrigues

Forgiveness leading to reconciliation

To raise awareness of the violence within ourselves, and the necessity to move to forgiveness and reconciliation.

Experiencial exercise, input and discussion.


Rev. Dr. Chandran Paul Martin

Healing and reconciliation: views from the underside of communities

The synaxis will explore the theme from the point of view of the Dalits - the oppressed and the excluded of the Indian society.

Panel presentations (3) assisted by some audio/visual material and discussion.


Ms. Jacinta Maingi

Dr. Christoph Mann

Transforming Churches to be HIV-AIDS Competent

EHAIA is an ecumenical attempt to mobilize healing forces in Africa. Increasingly churches are developing capacities to understand the magnitude of the epidemic and its potential impact on their communities, therefore needing frank discussions, clear information, essential supplies. Focus on lessons learnt, with an adopted methodology; to develop a "Healing Tree".



Open space


Bishop Lunga Siboto

Rifat Kassis

Countering violence by presence

Testimony of a participant in the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) and discussion.



Open space


Fr. Brian Starken

Reconciliation between people: The story of Jacob and Esau

The story raises deep questions about what underpins reconciliation.

Participatory workshop - dramatic story telling and discussion.


Session Friday, 13 May, 14h30-16h00
Healing Service (Oriental Orthodox tradition)




Activity - What? Methodologies?


Dr. Bernard Ugeux


Dr. Sara Bhattacharji

Does being saved mean being healed?

Sharp questions on healing and salvation: Panel / dialogue between Pentecostals and WCC member church representatives

Panel and discussion.


Dr. Beate Jakob

German Institute for Medical Mission

Healing from the Perspective of medical missions

To review the development which led to the formation of the Christian Medical Commission, to discuss the Christian understanding of health and healing, to point out the role of the churches in the field of health, to introduce and discuss the topic "religious health assets".

Speaking input - PPt presentation - general discussion.


Dr. Tobias Brandner

Reconciling evangelism

The outcomes of the latest four WCC's "Schools for Evangelism" (Cuba 2001, Syria 2002, Poland 2003 and Fiji 2004) will be shared with the participants.

The aims of the synaxis will be to rescue the Biblical, legitimate and holistic meaning of evangelism; to address the diversity and bring together different expressions of evangelism and to acknowledge evangelism as an instrument for reconciliation and healing.

The synaxis will be enabled by projecting a PPt presentation, followed by testimonies based on the booklet "Evangelism. A Programme designed for voicing the Gospel Ecumenically" and discussion focusing on a follow-up process.


Erika Schuchardt

Why me? - learning to live in crises - the result of a study on life stories

Learning to leave in crises - discovering the hidden treasure.

Audio-visual presentation and discussion.


Usha Jesuadan

Dr. Sara Bhattacharji

Itonde Kakoma

"Healing - Life Transformation"

Healing experiences are life transforming, both individually and in community. But this broader understanding is often hidden. The synaxeis uses methodologies and discussions aiming at engaging congregations in the issue, and empowering communities to heal!. The workbook -"HEALING AS EMPOWERMENT: Discovering grace in community" will be used in the synaxeis.


Dr. Wati Longchar

HIV/AIDS and Ecumenical Theological Education curriculum

Ecumenical Theological Education curriculum on HIV/AIDS: first experiences and questions



Open space


Rev. A. Onuoha

African experience of possession and healing

PPt presentation, discussion seminar. The seminar will highlight African experience with possession, seek a Biblical understanding of being possesses and raise questions as to the need for the church's healing ministry with reference to persons so affected (subjected to possession).



Open space




Open space


E. Antony Allen

The healing congregation - a Whole Person Caribbean model (50/2)

The sharing of the congregational paradigm based in this model as experienced in a number of Jamaican churches will demonstrate in practice our understanding of mission and evangelism as healing and reconciliation.

Verbal presentation. PPt presentation for illustrations and discussion.


Dr. Sara Bhattacharji

John C. Oommen

Usha Jesudason

The healing ministry and the Church

Looking at ways by which the Christian health institutions are engaging with the communities, to sense the needs to be addresses in the framework of the mission of the church to transform the word of God into tangible action. Stories, videos and news-clips.


Rev. Dr. Patricia Nickson

Dr. John Oommen

Ongoing Disaster Situations: The Healing Church

A comparison of two t countries with very different disasters, ( Congo & Sri Lanka) but both with long term underlying civil unrest. Strategies contributed to healing and reconciliation in such disasters, and how can the classical approach be made more appropriate from local Christian communities to national and international organizations.


Sr. Gemma Simmonds

Mary Ward: pioneer and prophet of reconciliation

The aim is to help people to reflect on their own experience through the teaching of Mary Ward (1585-1645), a unique early example of women's struggle to find a voice in the Christian church. Her life and spiritual teaching offer a vision for mission and evangelism beyond the dynamics of conflict.

PPt presentation, handouts and discussion.


Lal Rin Sanga

"Healing the Blind Man"

Synaxis on development of life transforming tribal community in Myanmar (Lk 4:128).

Using PPt, stories and discussion.


Dr. Tinyiko Maluleke

Dr. Puleng LenkaBula

Reconciliation and the healing of memories - the South African experience

Take stock of and evaluate reconciliation attempts in South Africa, politically, especially through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and within churches.


Rev. Dr. Carlos Intipampa

Healing of the Earth - indigenous approaches to healing and reconciliation

Holistic approach from the Andean indigenous people in relation to healing and reconciliation, including healing of the earth (through indigenous people's programme and/or multicultural ministries' network).

PPt presentation, handouts and discussion.



Open space



Open space



Open space

Session Saturday, 14 May, 14h30-16h00




Activity - What? Methodologies?


Dr. Bob Schreiter

Reconciliation and the healing of memories

How to heal memories: conditions, successes and difficulties of reconciliation processes


Dr. Guillermo Kerber

Reconciliation after violent conflicts - a challenge to the churches

Sharing experiences of the churches' and Christian involvement in reconciliation after violent conflicts. Realize the potential of churches' involvement in this arena.

PPt presentation and discussion.


Dr. Lee Hong-Jung

Prof Dr Sooil Chai

Mr Hong, Sung Dam

Ms Yoo, Hya Ran

Healing & reconciliation in national reunification

  • Cases studies on Korea and Germany.
  • Panel presentation, story-telling, video presentation, biblical reflections and some actions for healing & reconciliation, dancing and exhibition.


Fr. Sean Dwan

Cultural issues in the language of exclusion - the experience of immigrant refugees

To enable people to become informed agents of reconciliation.

Video - photocopy handouts - group discussions.


Dr Tormod Engelsviken

Dr. Petros Vassiliadis

Dr. George Mathew

Reconciliation and Mission - Orthodox and Pentecostal perspectives

Dialogue between Orthodox and Pentecostal on mission as reconciliation. With reference to the preparatory document "Mission as Ministry of Reconciliation"


Bishop Lunga Siboto

Rifat Kassis

Towards reconciliation - peace building through the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Israel and Palestine

Looking at conditions for reconciliation and justice.

PPt presentation and dialogue.


Fr. Brian Starken

Truth, Justice, Peace, Mercy

How the terms are used with regards to reconciliation - small groups and dialogue.


Pasteur Elisée Musemakweli

Addressing consequences of genocide - reconciliation attemps in Rwanda

Take stock of and evaluate reconciliation attempts in Rwanda (politically and within churches).

Short video, short introductions and open space for sharing about truth, memory, repentance, justice.


Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Counselling for forgiveness, reconciliation and healing

The synaxis will provide information on counselling skills addressing forgiveness, reconciliation and healing, to those who already have3 experience in counselling.



Open space