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San Antonio

The 1989 world mission conference of San Antonio, Texas, USA can be considered the last in the period dominated by the conflict between two ideological and economic systems (1918-1989). It followed on Melbourne with another of the Lord's prayer requests, "Your will be done", to which was added "mission in Christ's way", an expression taken from the 1982 Affirmation. San Antonio became famous for a consensus statement on the relation between Christianity and other religions. This question has always been a disputed point at WCC mission conferences. The consensus found was, basically: "We cannot point to any other way of salvation than Jesus Christ; at the same time we cannot put any limit to God's saving power. There is a tension between these affirmations which we acknowledge and cannot resolve." As all other CWME conference had done, San Antonio also dealt with Christian involvement in struggles for life and against oppression, as well as with the increasing importance of our relations with creation.


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