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Study guides and worksheets
Books (authors in alphabetical order)

Study guides and worksheets

CWME worksheet on reconciliation

Why Violence? Why not Peace? A study guide to help individuals and groups in the churches to reflect and act in the Decade to Overcome Violence.Geneva, WCC, 2002, 24 p.

Books (authors in alphabetical order)

Bevans, Stephen; Doidge, Eleanor; Schreiter, Robert (eds.): The Healing Circle. Essays in Cross-Cultural Mission.Presented to the Rev. Dr Claude Marie Barbour. Chicago, Ill., Chicago Center for Global Ministries, no date, 202 p.
Collection of essays in honour of Claude Marie Barbour and her work on reconciliation and healing of memories.

Gort, Jerald D.; Jansen, Henry; Vroom, Hendrik M (eds.): Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation. Multifaith Ideals and Realities.Amsterdam & New York. Rodopi, 2002, 405 pages.
34 essays, reflections, case studies, from all over the world and including reflections from various religious traditions, presented at an Interdisciplinary Research Group on the Encounter of Religious Traditions workshop in the Netherlands in 2001.

Helmik, Raymond G. and Petersen, Rodney L. (eds.): Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Religion, Public Policy & Conflict Transformation.Philadelphia and London, Templeton Foundation press, 2001, 440 p.
Eighteen contributions, dealing with theological, religious, political and process aspects. Case studies on specific countries. Foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Jacques, Geneviève: Beyond Impunity. An ecumenical approach to truth, justice and reconciliation. Geneva, WCC, 2000, 61 p.
Conditions for true reconciliation processes. Based on experiences in South Africa and Guatemala. Geneviève Jacques is director of programmes in the WCC.

Lee, Philip (ed.): Communication and Reconciliation. Challenges facing the 21st century. Geneva, WCC and London, WACC, 2001, 97 p.
Collection of texts from countries where reconciliation is urgently needed. A plea for communication with a human face.

Noll, Rüdiger and Vesper, Stephan (eds.): Reconciliation, Gift of God and Source of New Life. Documents from the Second European Ecumenical Assembly in Graz. Graz, Verlag Styria, 1998, published by CEC and CCEE, 331 p.

Raiser, Konrad: For a Culture of Life. Transforming Globalization and Violence.Geneva, WCC, 2002, 173 p.
Overall analysis of globalization and its consequences for the churches’ witness. See in particular chapter 2: "Towards a culture of reconciliation and peace".

Schreiter, Robert J.: Reconciliation. Mission and Ministry in a Changing Social Order. Maryknoll NY, Orbis and Cambridge MA, Boston Theological Institute, 1992, 84 p.

Id.: The Ministry of Reconciliation. Spirituality and Strategies. Maryknoll NY, Orbis, 1998, 136 p.
Theological and spiritual reflection from a Roman Catholic systematic theologian who has been involved in several reconciliation processes. Schreiter’s books are essential reading.

Volf, Miroslav: Exclusion and Embrace. A theological exploration of identity, otherness, and reconciliation.Nashville, TN, Abingdon Press, 1996, 336 p.
Theological and there during the war in former Yugoslavia. Volf’s book is essential reading.