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WCC documents
Short selection of books (authors in alphabetical order)

WCC documents

Kinnamon, Michael (ed.): Signs of the Spirit. Official Report, WCC Seventh Assembly. Geneva, WCC and Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1991.
See in particular the deliberations and the report of section III B (Mission in the power of the Spirit – the ministry of reconciliation and sharing) pp. 96 ff.

A thematic issue on "Come, Holy Spirit" of the Ecumenical Review,July 1989, with several very important contributions to an ecumenical approach to pneumatology.

Four thematic issues of the International Review of Missionon the Holy Spirit and mission:
"Spirit and Mission: Renewing the earth" April 1990
"Spirit and Mission: Setting at liberty" July 1990
"Spirit and Mission: Reconciling communities" October 1990
"Spirit and Mission: Transforming energy" January 1991

Raiser, Konrad: "Holy Spirit in ecumenical thought", in: Lossky, Nicholas; Míguez Bonino, José; Pobee, John; Stransky, Tom F.; Wainwright, Geoffrey; Webb, Pauline (eds.): Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement. Geneva, WCC, 2002 (second edition), p. 534-541.

Short selection of books (authors in alphabetical order)

Dunn, James D.G.: The Christ and The Spirit. Vol. 2: Pneumatology.Edinburgh, T.&T. Clark, 1998, 382 p. (Collected Essays of James D.G. Dunn).
Collection of essays on the Holy Spirit in the New Testament.

Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti: Pneumatology. The Holy Spirit in ecumenical, international, and contextual perspective.Grand Rapids, MI, Baker Academic, 2002, 195 p.
General introduction to various positions on pneumatology by an ecumenically open Pentecostal scholar who participates in several WCC working groups.

Moltmann, Jürgen: The Spirit of Life: A Universal Affirmation. Minneapolis, Fortress Press, 1992 (original in German).

Müller-Fahrenholz, Geiko: Gods’ Spirit. Transforming a World in Crisis. Geneva, WCC and New York, Continuum, 1995, 176 p.

Taylor, John V.: The Go-Between God. The Holy Spirit and the Christian Mission. London, SCM, 1972, 246 p.

Welker, Michael: God the Spirit. Minneapolis, Fortress Press, 1994 (original in German).