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 Statements on Mission 1980-2005

WCC documents
Selected books (by alphabetical order of authors)
Mission in the Bible
World Mission Conferences

WCC documents

 Mission and Evangelism- An Ecumenical Affirmation. Geneva, WCC, 1982
Received by the Central Committee and commended to churches for study and action, this is the most representative presentation of the WCC's positions on mission and evangelism.

Towards Common Witness: a call to adopt responsible relationships in mission and to renounce proselytism. Geneva, WCC, 1997, 16 p.
Received by the Central Committee and commended to churches for study and action, it is a summary of the most recent debates on common witness and proselytism. Contains the references to the earlier studies on common witness.

Mission and Evangelism in Unity Today. Study document adopted by the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME), 2000. Published in: IRMJan/April 1999, pp.109-127.

Presentation and commentary: Matthey, Jacques: "Missiology in the WCC: Update. Presentation, history, theological background and emphases of the WCC's most recent mission statement." IRM, October 2001, p. 427-443.

International Review of Mission

Documents from WCC world mission conferences: see under "mission conferences"

Selected books (by alphabetical order of authors)

Bosch, David J.: Transforming Mission. Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission. Maryknoll, NV, Orbis, 1991
THE classical book on missiology, written from a Reformed perspective, open to ecumenical and evangelical inputs.

Kirk, J. Andrew: What is Mission? Theological Explorations. London, Darton, Longman and Todd, 1999, 302 p.
Some chapters missing in Bosch appear here (e.g. on care of the environment). Easier to read, and with questions for follow-up.

Müller, Karl; Sundermeier, Theo; Bevans, Stephen B.; Bliese, Richard H.(eds.): Dictionary of Mission. Theology, History, Perspectives. Maryknoll, NY, Orbis, 1997, 518 p.
Essential reference.

Schreiter, Robert J. The New Catholicity. Theology between the Global and the Local. Mayrknoll, Orbis, 1997, 140 p.
A new classic.

Id. (ed.): Mission in the third Millennium. Maryknoll, Orbis, 2001, 166 p.
Collection of paper from mainly Roman Catholic scholars, dealing with major developments of and challenges to mission in the main regions of the world, summarized by Robert Schreiter. Particularly noteworthy is his own paper on "Globalization and Reconciliation".

Stamoolis, James J.: Eastern Orthodox Mission Theology Today. Minneapolis, MN, Light and Life Publishing Company, reprint edition, original: Orbis books, 1986, 194 p.
Written by an evangelical scholar, this book is considered a helpful survey by several Orthodox theologian.

Taylor, William D. (ed.): Global Missiology for the 21st Century. The Iguassu Dialogue. Grand Rapids, MI, Baker, 2000, 564 p.
Collection of papers presented at a consultation organized by the World Evangelical Fellowship (now: Alliance) in Iguassu, Brazil, in 1999. Documents recent developments in evangelical missiology.

Entries on "mission" and related terms in:

Lossky, Nicholas; Míguez Bonino, José; Pobee, John; Stransky, Tom F.; Wainwright, Geoffrey; Webb, Pauline (eds.): Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement. Geneva, WCC, 2002 (second edition), 1296 p.
The articles provide a summary of ecumenical perspectives on mission.

Mission in the Bible

Larkin, William J. and Williams, Joel F. (eds.): Mission in the New Testament. An Evangelical Approach.Maryknoll NY, Orbis, 1998, 266 p.
Collection of essays on the main NT authors, with a first chapter on the "background": Old Testament, Intertestamental Judaism, Jesus and the early church. Evangelical scholarly approach.

Nissen, Johannes: New Testament and Mission. Historical and Hermeneutical Perspectives.
Frankfurt/M., Peter Lang, 1999, 198 p.
Presentation of the various authors of the NT, with reflections on the consequences for a contemporary ecumenical missiology.

Okure, Teresa (ed.): To Cast Fire Upon the Earth. Bible and mission collaboration in today’s multicultural global context. Pietermaritzburg, Cluster Publications, 2000, 248 p.
Papers and documents from the work of theInternational Association for Mission Studies' (IAMS) Bible Study and Mission Interest Group.

Senior, Donald and Stuhlmueller, Carroll: The Biblical Foundations for Mission. Maryknoll, Orbis, 1983.
The classic reference on the Old and New Testaments.

A thematic issue of the International Review of Missionon "Bible studies and mission", January 2002. Papers on Wisdom tradition, Colossians and Matthew by members of the IAMS Bible Study and Mission Interest Group.

World Mission Conferences

WCC – CWME conference reports (the most recent ones)

Melbourne 1980
Your Kingdom Come. Mission perspectives. Report on the World Conference on Mission and Evangelism, Melbourne, Australia, 12- 25 May, 1980. Geneva, WCC, 1980, 288 p.

San Antonio 1989
Wilson, F.R. (ed.): The San Antonio Report. Your Will Be Done: Mission in Christ’s Way. Geneva, WCC, 1990.

Salvador de Bahia 1996
Duraising, Christopher (ed.): Called to One Hope. The Gospel in Diverse Cultures. Geneva, WCC, 1998.

Other world mission conferences

Stott, John (ed.): Making Christ Known. Historic Mission Documents from the Lausanne Movement, 1974-1989. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1997. Contains, among others, the Lausanne Covenant and the Manila Manifesto, with commentary by John Stott.

Excerpts from conference and other reference documents have been reproduced in:

Kinnamon, M. and Cope, Brian E. (eds.): The Ecumenical Movement. An Anthology of Key Texts and Voices. Geneva, WCC and Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1997.

Limouris, Gennadios (ed.): Orthodox Visions of Ecumenism. Statements, messages and reports on the ecumenical movement. 1902-1992. Geneva, WCC, 1992, 283 p.
Also contains reactions and contributions to mission conferences and developments in missiology.

Scherer, James A. and Bevans, Stephen B. (eds): New Directions in Mission and Evangelization I. Basic Statements, 1974-1991. Maryknoll, Orbis, 1992.

Presentation of world mission conferences

Look in the dictionaries mentioned under the title "missiology" on this webpage.

Philip. T.V.: Edinburgh to Salvador. Twentieth Century Ecumenical Missiology. An historical study of the ecumenical discussions on mission. Delhi, CSS & ISPCK, 1999, 263 p.

Matthey, Jacques: "Milestones in ecumenical missionary thinking from the 1970s to the 1990s" IRM July 1999, pp. 291 – 303.
Bangkok 1972 to Salvador 1996.

Zorn, Jean-François : " Changes in the world of mission and ecumenism, 1947 – 1963" in IRM July 1999, pp. 279 – 290.
Whitby 1947 to Mexico city 1963.