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Thursday 19. of May 2005 Mission gathering sends letter to the churches

The Conference on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) has issued a letter to the Christian world in which it calls on churches everywhere to become healing and reconciling communities of hope, open to all.

Monday 16. of May 2005 The way of the cross

The olive-wood cross from Bethlehem that was presented to the Athens mission conference will continue its journey, traveling to the WCC's 9th Assembly in Brazil before returning to Athens.

Sunday 15. of May 2005 Supper and dinner

"How can we not to share the Lord's supper when we can have dinner together?" Loud applause followed the sharp question posed to the world mission conference at its last plenary session by Johnson Asamoah-Gyadu, a Methodist pastor and theologian from Ghana.

Sunday 15. of May 2005 Christos Anesti! Voice of Bishop Ioannis of Thermopylae, chairman of ALAC

Bishop Ioannis

As Athens2005 reaches its conclusion, Bishop Ioannis of the ancient see of Thermopylae, the jovial chairman of the Athens Local Arrangements Committee, is a busy but satisfied man.

Sunday 15. of May 2005 Jesus' age

"How old was Jesus when he first delivered His message? According to WCC standards He would have been considered a youth..."

Friday 13. of May 2005 The best way to use military sites

At the Agios Andreas Recreational Centre, which is owned by the Greek Ministry of Defense, conference participants encounter Greek soldiers on a daily basis and helicopters tend to fly overhead during times of worship.

Friday 13. of May 2005 A Pentecostal perspective

Rev. Dr Opoku Onyinah

The Rev. Dr Opoku Onyinah, rector of Pentecost University College in Accra, is a conference advisor. He has become a leading contributor to consultations on healing from Accra to London to Santiago, Chile. An executive council member of the Church of Pentecost, he is familiar with his Ghana-based church's missionary outreach in 54 nations. Last month, he conducted training for leaders of his church in Italy.

Friday 13. of May 2005 "Denial of a visa could not silence me"

Alix Lozano, director of the Mennonite Biblical Seminary of Columbia, was unable to speak at Thursday's plenary session on mission and violence because she was denied a visa. But her voice was still heard.

Thursday 12. of May 2005 Greek cultural evening enjoyed by all

On Wednesday evening, conference participants were treated to a lively and colourful display of traditional music, song and dance from various regions of Greece.

Thursday 12. of May 2005 "I don't have the Holy Spirit in my pocket"

Orthodox theology teacher Athanasios Papathanasiou

These were Orthodox theology teacher Athanasios Papathanasiou's words during one of the press briefings at the world mission conference. Papathanasiou, a member of the Church of Greece involved with the planning of the conference, was trying to explain the seemingly abstruse issue of the influence that the final things (eschata) have over the non-final ones (history).

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