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WCC documents
Books (selection, authors listed alphabetically)

WCC documents

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Healing and Wholeness. The Church’s Role in Health.Geneva, WCC, 1990, 48 p.
Received by the Central Committee and commended to churches for study and action,

A double issue of the International Review of Missionon "Health, Faith and Healing", Jan/April 2001.

A thematic issue of the International Review of Mission on"Toward the fullness of life". Part 2 is on "Healing, Health and Faith Communities". October 2002.

CONTACT- a popular and accessible periodical published by the WCC’s health desk until 2002. Now available online.
For people directly involved in health work in the field.

Books (selection, authors listed alphabetically)

Allen, E. Anthony: Caring for the Whole Person.Jamaica, Whole Person Resource Center, reprint from MARC, 1995, 96 p.
Easy to read, on the basic principles of a healing ministry, based on the author’s experience in holistic ministry in Jamaica. Anthony Allen has been involved invarious World Vision and WCC bodies.

A Time to Heal. A Contribution towards the Ministry of Healing. A report for the House of Bishops on the healing ministry. London, Church House Publishing, 2000. Published for the House of Bishops of the General Synod of the Church of England. 412 p.
An essential handbook, with detailed treatment of and recommendations on all aspects of the healing ministry, on the basis of the experience of the Church of England.

Bevans, Stephen; Doidge, Eleanor; Schreiter, Robert (eds.): The Healing Circle. Essays in Cross-Cultural Mission.Presented to the Rev. Dr Claude Marie Barbour. Chicago, Ill., Chicago Center for Global Ministries, no date, 202 p.
Cf. note on this book under "reconciliation".

Granberg-Michaelson, Karin: Healing Community. Geneva, WCC, 1991, 100 p.
Concrete examples of healing communities, followed by 12 essential points to be respected if you want to build/become one. The booklet also contains a healing service from the WCC

Grundmann, Christopher: "Healing and Medical Missions" in: Müller, Karl; Sundermeier, Theo; Bevans, Stephen B.; Bliese, Richard H.(eds.): Dictionary of Mission. Theology, History, Perspectives.Maryknoll, NY, Orbis, 1997, pp. 184-187.

Harakas, Stanley Samuel: Health and Medicine in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition. Minneapolis, MN, Light and Life Publishing Company, 1990, 190 p.

Lucas, Ernest (ed.): Christian Healing. What can we believe? Doctors and theologians reach a unique consensus.London, Lynx Communications, 1997, 202 p.
Series of papers on faith and healing, each introduced by a medical doctor and a theologian. Consensus statement at the end. UK context.

Pearson, Mark A.: Christian Healing. A practical and comprehensive guide.Grand Rapids, MI, Chosen Books (Baker), 1995, 374 p.
The author is involved in a Christian whole-person medical center in the USA. Combines insights from the Pentecostal/charismatic, sacramental and evangelical experiences.

Pilch, John J.: Healing in the New Testament. Insights from Medical and Mediterranean Anthropology. Minneapolis, Fortress Press, 2000, 180 p.
Collection of articles, revised and systematized.

Thomas, John Christopher: The Devil, Disease and Deliverance: Origins of illness in the New Testament thought. Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press, 1998. Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series No. 13.
Pentecostal scholarly approach to disease/illness in the NT.

Warrington, Keith: Jesus the Healer. Paradigm or Unique Phenomenon? Cumbria, Paternoster, 2000, 192 p.
Analysis from a Pentecostal/evangelical point of view, carefully distinguishing between the unique aspect of Jesus’ ministry and the ministry of the church.