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Guidelines and criteria

Of the 500 official participants, 400 will be appointed as members of the conference according to the following balance, adopted by the WCC Central Committee:

A. 50% will be selected from among names submitted by WCC member churches,

B. 25% from names submitted by the affiliated bodies of the CWME conference, and

C. 25% from the wider constituency related to the work of the CWME commission, which includes the Roman Catholic Church, Pentecostal and evangelical churches and mission bodies.

The Central Committee has requested that the usual WCC criteria for selection of participants (50% women, 25% youth - below 30 years of age on the first day of the conference and above 18 - and 25% Orthodox) be applied. This policy can be easily applied to the nominees from WCC member churches. It is more complex in relation to those coming from other categories. CWME conference participants represent a different constituency than that represented at other WCC official meetings. The commission therefore decided to apply the criteria on women and youth to all categories, but to keep some flexibility in interpreting other criteria.

A maximum of 100 participants will be appropriate consultants or advisers. It will be important to include Indigenous persons within this category. The commission noted the importance of also including Orthodox representatives among the consultants and advisers.

These are maximum figures; while the percentages will be retained, the total number of participants at the 2005 conference may be lower. The CWME commission will carefully monitor the status of preparations as well as the financial situation, and take appropriate decisions in consultation with WCC governing bodies.

The commission has worked on percentages of participants by regions, and has submitted a proposal to the WCC governing bodies. Their decision will be communicated once it is taken.

The question of visitors will be dealt with in cooperation with the Athens Local Arrangements Committee.