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12.05.05 02:47 Age: 7 yrs

Greek Orthodox Christians in mission and development

Through Solidarity and Apostoliki Diakonia,
the Church of Greece reaches out to the world

"Panta ta Ethni" - or "All the Nations" - is the magazine of Apostoliki Diakonia ("apostolic ministry of service"), the mission and publishing unit of the Church of Greece. "Solidarity" is the church's non-governmental organization (NGO) sponsoring development projects in more than two dozen countries. The names are instructive, representing Greek Orthodox commitment to follow Jesus into all the world.

Apostoliki Diakonia supports more than 500 missionaries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, according to Father Leonidas Psarianos. It also publishes resources, including CDs and DVDs, for parishes in Greece and mission projects abroad.

Bishop Ioannis of Thermopolylae, chair of Solidarity, reports that the three-year-old NGO cooperates with other agencies to direct contributions from donors and grants from the Greek ministry of foreign affairs to persons in both long-term and emergency need. Solidarity stands within a long tradition of Orthodox aid work. Recentily, it has been active in assisting Indonesians devastated by the December 26 tsunami, restoring villages in Kosovo and rebuilding the school in Beslan destroyed in a violent confrontation between separatists and the Russian military.