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11.05.05 02:37 Age: 7 yrs

Meeting of minds
Profile of Beate Fagerli and Dimitri Pasakos

Conference organizers Beate Fagerli and Dimitrios Passakos

What do a Norwegian Lutheran woman and a Greek Orthodox man have in common? A love of mission of course! Beate Fagerli is the Geneva-based CWME staff conference coordinator, and Dimitri Pasakos is the local organizer in Athens. Both have worked tirelessly - and their colleagues would say miraculously - for the last year to think, write, coordinate, plan, telephone, e-mail, cajole and convince their way to this unique world gathering.

What does it feel like to actually be at the opening of the event? "Delighted but exhausted," confesses Beate, who studied theology in Norway and Nicaragua. "My hope is that this 'island' of hope becomes a real world of reconciliation once the people return home." Dimitri, also a theologian trained in Greece and the USA, agrees. "There were moments when, like the Olympics, we thought it could not happen. But in the end, churches and organizers mobilized their best resources, and here we are!"

What will both do after the event? "I dream of simply reading newspapers and drinking coffee without interruption!" says Dimitri. And Beate? "I will just sleep and eat and see my husband! And then, for sure, another mission!"