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11.05.05 11:48 Age: 7 yrs

There is power in song

Yeukai Chikwizo worships God through singing

When 22-year-old Yeukai Chikwizo travelled 25 hours from Zimbabwe to Greece, she had no idea that she would soon be playing a visible role in Tuesday's opening worship ceremonies at the 13th Conference on World Mission and Evangelism. Chikwizo, a steward at the conference, was chosen from the worship choir to sing a solo section of an African song called Senzenina, meaning, "What have we done?"

Chikwizo sang without accompaniment in a clear, strong voice. "I enjoyed it," she says. "I was not afraid." She feels that singing is a form of worship. "There is power in music," she explains. "Whenever I sing, I feel closer to God." Chikwizo is enjoying the experience of singing a wide variety of ethnic songs at worship services, and finds that music is a good way to connect with others at the conference.