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11.05.05 05:46 Age: 7 yrs

Performance in Mission

Youth theater performance

Youth employ theatrical arts
to communicate the gospel

In the land of Sophocles and Aristophanes, youth delegates and stewards took to the stage Wednesday morning at the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism near Athens, Greece. Without resorting to spoken words, nine young performers enacted the shattering of a community circle and desecration of the cross through acts of racism, colonialism, exclusion, ecological destruction and prejudice against the poor, women and persons with HIV/AIDS. These victims were portrayed by women, but the remaining man was labelled as a victim of his own ignorance.

As the audience sang the conference theme, "Come Holy Spirit, heal and reconcile", dozens of stewards and youth delegates proceeded to the stage where they liberated those who had been bound, raised the fallen and began to restore the broken community.

There are 43 stewards assisting the conference, and delegates in the 18- to 30-year-old age range represent churches from 15 countries.