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13.05.05 12:36 Age: 7 yrs

The best way to use military sites

At the Agios Andreas Recreational Centre, which is owned by the Greek Ministry of Defense, conference participants encounter Greek soldiers on a daily basis and helicopters tend to fly overhead during times of worship.

At a press briefing after Thursday's plenary on Mission and Violence, Rev. Dr. Fernando Enns was asked his opinion on the military setting that was chosen for a conference on healing and reconciliation.

Enns replied, "This is exactly where we find ourselves, making present the world we live in. It is not for the churches to turn away, to close their eyes, to hide out where it is peaceful. The mission of the church is to be in the world and to witness there. So I think the best thing you could ever do in peace-building is to go to a military space and worship right there, be present, and deal with exactly this sort of topic. Maybe this is the best way to use military sites."