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The Scripture passages are printed in a format that allows you to underline or highlight words or phrases, or make any other note as a help for your meditation. Time and sequence are directed by the Home Group Leader. Each phase of Scripture meditation lasts about 15 minutes. It is preferable to allow the time for each member to complete a phase rather than rushing to the end of all phases. If there is time pressure just stop where you are but then always go to phase IV to finish the session.

The Home Group starts with a few moments of silence and/or prayer/hymn asking for the Spirit's presence. The use of the Conference hymn "Come Holy Spirit, Heal and reconcile" is recommended.


A member of the group will be asked by the Home Group Leader to read the Scripture slowly.

As I listen, I notice any word or phrase that seems important to me today. During silent meditation, it may be helpful to use a pencil to underline significant words or phrases at this point.

The Home Group Leader asks the members to read aloud a word or phrase that struck them. No explanation is necessary. Comments are not advisable.


Another member of the group will then be asked to read the Scripture again, slowly.

Another time of silent meditation follows this reading. In this silence I ask myself What does the text say to me personally today?"

The Home Group Leader invites then each person to share with the group his/her reflection.

This is a time for listening, not for discussion or debate.


A third reader reads the same Scripture once more, even more slowly.

"How do I respond in prayers and in action?"

The Home Group Leader invites the members to share a prayer, or reflection.

This time, individuals may want to give thanks, express repentance, petition or intercession - these personal prayers of response may be shared. The group may respond by confirming the prayer with "Amen".


The group may then bring this time of meditation to an end by saying together the Lord's Prayer and/or the blessings.

Note: It is important not to start a debate on what people share. In this kind of approach, one leaves side by side the shared insights of each participant. People may well repeat something already said if it matches their own reflections.