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WCC documents and materials
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WCC documents and materials

CHECK ALSO THE RESOURCES INDICATED UNDER MISSIOLOGY: several papers, books and references, including some WCC documents in particular, deal both with mission and with evangelism: see the "Ecumenical Affirmation" and the document "Mission and Evangelism in Unity Today".

See also resources under "healing" and "alternative communities"

Ecumenical Letter on Evangelism ONLINE

Castro, Emilio: "Evangelism" in: Lossky, Nicholas; Míguez Bonino, José; Pobee, John; Stransky, Tom F.; Wainwright, Geoffrey; Webb, Pauline (eds.): Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement. Geneva, WCC, 2002 (second edition), p. 445-451.
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Fung, Raymond: The Isaiah Vision. An ecumenical strategy for congregational evangelism. Geneva, WCC, 1992, reprint 2002 with a new introduction, 55 p.
The classical presentation of an ecumenical understanding of evangelism. Easy to read.

Idem: Evangelistically Yours. Ecumenical letters on contemporary evangelism. Geneva, WCC, 1992, 260 p.

Fung, Raymond and Lemopoulos, Georges (eds.): Not A Solitary Way. Evangelism stories from around the world. Geneva, WCC, 1992, 80 p.
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Three issues of the International Review of Mission on "Ecclesiology and Mission". The first (July 2001) contains the papers presented at a common consultation organized by the Commissions on Faith & Order and Mission & Evangelism. II: October 2001 (other papers linked to the consultation), III: July 2002.

The Nature and Purpose of the Church. A stage on the way to a common statement. Geneva, WCC, 1998, Faith and Order Paper No. 181, 61 p.
The most recent ecclesiological paper by the WCC Commission on Faith and Order contains missiologically relevant perspectives and deserves to be studied.

Other books

 Bosch, David J.: Transforming Mission. Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission. Maryknoll, NV, Orbis, 1991. The paragraphs on evangelism in his chapter on the ecumenical paradigm for mission contain probably the most comprehensive description of possible combinations of definitions of "mission" and "evangelism". Cf. "Mission as Evangelism", pp. 409 – 420.

Guder, Darrell (ed.): Missional Church. A vision for the sending of the church in North America. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 1998, 280 p.
Papers on context and meaning of mission and church in mission. The term "missional church" is widely adopted.

Idem: The Continuing Conversion of the Church. Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 2000, 222 p.
Critique of the cultural captivity of the church in North America.

All books of "The Gospel and Our Culture Series" published by Eerdmans are important resources for a renewed perspective on ecclesiology and mission, in particular in secular contexts.