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Being a missional and evangelizing church

The message of reconciliation in Christ must be widely shared. But if the churches are not reconciled among themselves, their witness loses its credibility. The longing and search for unity may well be the most important response by Christians and churches to God's offer of reconciliation. In mission policy and practice, this requires a passion for common witness.

There is also an urgent need to come to a clearer ecumenical stand on the place and role of evangelism within a holistic mission theology.

how to recover the urgency of the search for Christian unity as a key missionary witness to reconciliation. This includes a necessary dialogue between conflicting mission movements;
how to strengthen ongoing reflection on the nature and purpose of the church from a missiological point of view;
how to reaffirm in theory and practice the importance of evangelism as part of a holistic ecumenical approach to mission;

how to link the search for healing, reconciling communities, alternative communities and an ecumenical approach to witness and evangelism.